Sr. No. Title of Book Author Edition
1 Anatomy and Physiology of Eye  Khurana, A. K. 2nd
2 Clinical impedance audiometry Jalisi M
3 Clinical pocket guide to Ear diseas Masud ul Haq
4 Clinical surgery Ear Nose Throat  Christopher J
5 Controversy in otolaryngology Bull TR
6 Current Diagnosis  and Treatment Otolaryngology ;Head… Anil K. Lalwani
7 Current problems in Otorhinolaryngology Friedman, Nail J
9 Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat Dhingra, PL 5th
15 Ear Nose Throat Head and Neck Rhinoplasty 1st
16 ENT Ear Nose Throat head neck AGS Maran
17 Logan turners diseases of the Ear Nose Throat Hall Simson 10th
18 Nasal Allergy Basharat Jazbi 2nd
19 Otolaryngology  Michael M 1st
20 Otolaryngology Dr A Rashid 1st
21 Pediatric otorhinolaryngology Rhinoplasty
22 Recent Advances in Otolaryngology Ellis maxwell
23 T/B of Otolaryngology Dhingra, PL 5th
24 Textbook of Ear, Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Khurana 1st
25 The Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary Illustrated Manual…  Saleem Iqbal
26 The Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America  Michael M