Sr. No. Title of Book Author Edition
1  Cecil Essentials of Medicine Andreoli 8th
2 1000 Questions and Answers from Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine Kumar,Parveen 4th
3 2007 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Stephen J. Mcphee 46th
4 2008 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Stephen J. Mcphee
5 2009 Current Clinical Medicine William D. Carey
6 2010 Hcpcs Level ii Buck, Carol J.
7 2010 ICS-9-CM Buck, Carol J.
8 250 Cases in Clinical Medicine Baliga,R.R. 4th
9 250 Clinical Cases in Medicine for MD, DNB and MRCP Examinations Chugh,SN.
10 A Color Atlas of Respiratory Diseases James, Geraint
11 ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine Cantillon, Peter 5th
12 Acute Clinical Medicine Parveen Kumar 6th
13 Aldorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation Sherwani, Naveed
14 Atlas of Common Pain Syndromes Waldman, Steven D. 3rd
15 Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology Peters, Wallace 3rd
16 Basics of Pain and Medicine Brig M. Salim
17 Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking Bickley,Lynn S. 11th
18 Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking Bickley,Lynn S. 7th
19 Bedside Diagnosis Seward Charles
20 Berry & Kohn’s Operating Room Technique Phillips, Nancymarie. 12th
21 BNF 51, British National Forumalary, BMA
22 Bradley’s Neurology in Clinical Practice Daroff , Robert B. 6th
23 Case Based Handbook of Transfusion Medicine Muhammad Ayyub 1st
24 Cecil Essentials of Medicine Thomas E. Andreoli 4th
25 Cecil Textbook of Medicine (vol.1) Lee Goldman 22nd
26 Cecil Textbook of Medicine (vol.2) Lee Goldman 22nd
27 Chronic Kidney Disease, and Transplanatation Himmelfarb
28 Churchill’s Pocketbook of General Practice Cartwright,Simon 3rd
29 Churchill’s Pocketbook of Intensive Care Whiteley,Simon M. 3rd
30 Churchill’s Pocketbooks Differential Diagnosis Raftery,Andrew T. 4th
31 Clinical Anaesthesia Procedure of the Massachuesetts General Hospital Dunn
32 Clinical Examination Talley 5th
33 Clinical Examination Epstein, Owen
34 Clinical Finals and How to Pass Them Hanretty, Kevin P. 2nd
35 Clinical Guide to Nutrition and Dietory Supplements in Disease Management Jamison, Jennifer R
36 Clinical Imaging Wier
37 Clinical Medicine Kumar and Clark
38 Clinical Medicine  Textbook of Clinical Methods and Lab Investyigation Dask V
39 Clinical Respiratory Medicine Spioro , Stephen G. 4th
40 Communication Skills for Final MB Dalton, H.R
41 Communication Skills for Medicine Lloyd,Margaret 3rd
42 Cook Country Manual of Emergency Procedures Simon,Robert R. 1st
43 Core Clinical Skills for OSCE’s in Medicine Doenan, TIM 2nd
44 Coronary Heart Nature Way of Prevention and Cure Brig Abdul Majid 3rd
45 Critical Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital Bigatello,Luca M. 5th
46 Critical Care Secrets Parsons,Polly E. 5th
47 CT and MR Immaging of the whole Body(vol. ii) Haaga, John R
48 Current Clinical Medicine Cary, William D
49 Current Critical Care Diagnosis and Treatment Frederic
50 Current Diagnosis & Treatment Family Medicine South-Paul, Jeannette E. 4th
51 Current Diagnosis & Treatment Gastroenterology,Hepatology & Endoscopy Greenberger,Norton J. 2nd
52 Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Infectious Disease Wilson
53 Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Pulmonary Medicine Hanley
54 Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2015 Papadakis,Maxine A. 54th
55 Current Medical Dignosis and Treatment Mcphee 46th
56 Current Medicinal Diagnosis and Treatment Mcphee, Stephen J. 21st
57 Current Medicinal Diagnosis and Treatment Mcphee, Stephen J. 5th
58 Current Occupational and Environmental Medicine Joseph Ladou
59 Davidson’s 100 clinical cases Strachan,Mark W.J. 2nd
60 Davidson’s Essentials of Medicine Inn, J Alastair 3rd
61 Davidson’s Principles & Practice of Medicine Walker,Brian R. 22nd
62 Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine  Nicholas A. 20th
63 Design of Studies for Medical Research Machin, David
64 Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Tract Labrecque
65 District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries Part:1 Cheesbrough,Monica. 2nd
66 Effective Health Care Management Palfrey
67 Effects of Herbs and Natural Products on Clinical Laboratory Tests Sheshadri
68 Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics Turnpenny,Peter. 14th
69 Essential Medical Statistics Kirkwood,Betty.R
70 Essentials Health Information Systems and Technology Balgrosky,Jean A.
71 Essentials of Emergency Medicine Richard V.
72 Evidence-Based Medicine Straus,Sharon E. 4th
73 Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Profession Hoffman,Tammy 2nd
74 Evidenice Based Medicine Straus, Sharon E 4th
75 Ferri’s Differential Diagnosis Ferri,Fred F. 2nd
76 Fluid Therapy Datta
77 French’s Index of Differential Diagnosis Kinirons 7th
78 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition Geisver
79 Gastroenterology Collins, Paul
80 General Practice as Speciality Mahajan
81 Gl/Liver Secrets Plus Mcnally,Peter R. 4th
82 Goldman-Cecil Medicine Goldman,Lee. 25th
83 Greenspan’s Basic & Clinical Endocrinology Gardner,David G. 9th
84 Harrison’s Manual of Oncology Chabner,Bruce A. 2nd
85 Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine Vol I Dennis L. Kasper 16th
86 Health Information Abdelhak, mervat 5th
87 Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis and Management Richard 21st
88 How to Read a Paper the Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine Greenhalgh, Trisha 2nd
89 How to Succeed at Medical School Evans,Dason. 2nd
90 How to Teach in Clinical Settings Seabrook,Mary
91 Hutichinson’s Clinical  Methods Swash, Michael 3rd
92 Infectious Diseases Subspeciality Consult Kirmani, Nigar. 2nd
93 Integrative General Practice in a Nutshell Phelps,Kerryn 1st
94 Intensive Care Hinds, Charles 2nd
95 Internal Medicine on Call Steven A. Haist 3rd
96 Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences Polgar, Stephen. 6th
97 Joint Commission International Accreditation Standerds for Hospitals JCI 5th
98 Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension Kaplan 9th
99 Kelley’s Textbook of Rheumatology 2 Vol Set Firestein,Gary S. 9th
100 Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine Kumar,Parveen 8th
101 Kumar and Clark’s Cases in Clinical Medicine Kumar,Parveen 3rd
102 Lecture Notes on Clinical Investigation Maclesn, Derek
103 Liver Diseases WU, George Y
104 Liver: A Complete Book on Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Diseases Mahtab, Mamun Al
105 Macleod’s Clinical Examination Douglas,Graham 13th
106 Macleod’s Clinical Diagnosis Japp, Alan G.
107 Manson’s Tropical Diseases Cool, Gordonc
108 Manual of Clinical Oncology Casciato,Dennis A. 7th
109 Manual of Clinical Problems in Pulmonary Medicine Richard A Bordow
110 Manual of Emergency Medicine Braen,G.Richard. 6th
111 Manual of Medical Therapeutics Ewald, Gregory A
112 Marino’s The ICU Book Marino, Paul L. 4th
113 Mechanical Ventilation Maclntyre, Neil R.
114 Medical Disaster Response Goldschmitt, David 2nd
115 Medical Education Past, Present and Future Calman, Kennethc
116 Medical Masterclass Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine Firth
117 Medical Masterclass Clinical Skills Firth
118 Medical Masterclass Emergency Medicine
119 Medical Masterclass Endocrinology Firth
120 Medical Masterclass Gastroentrology Firth
121 Medical Masterclass Haemotology and Oncology Firth
122 Medical Masterclass Nephrology Firth
123 Medical Parasitology Arora,D.R. 4th
124 Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Currance,
125 Medical Statistics Campbell, Michael
126 Medicine Myers, Allen R
127 Mosby’s PDQ for Infection Control Riley
128 Nephrology Subspeciality Consult Cheng,Steven. 3rd
129 Netter’s Internal Medicine Runge
130 NMS Clinical Manuals Emergency Medicine Biddinger 2nd
131 NMS Genetics Jan M Friedman
132 NMS Medicine Wolfsthal
133 OH’s Intensive Care Manual Bersten,Andrew D. 7th
134 Oral Enzymes New Approach to Cancer Treatment F Klaschka MD
135 Oxford Cases in Medicine and Surgery Farne,Hugo
136 Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Gavin Spickell
137 Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine Wyatt, Jonathan
138 Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes Wass,John. 3rd
139 Oxford Handbook of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Bloom,Stuart. 2nd
140 Oxford Handbook of General Practice Simon, Chantal
141 Paces for the MRCP with 250 Clinical Cases Hall , Tim 3rd
142 Pain Management (vol. 1) Waldman, Steven 6th
143 Pain Management (vol. 2) Waldman, Steven
144 Pass Finals A Companion to Kumar and Clark Geoff Smith 4th
145 Pathophysiolohy of Gastrointestinal Diseases Chpra, Sanjiv
146 Patient Controlled Analgesia Harmer, M
147 PDR 1997 Oncology Prescribing Guide Pharmacia
148 Practical Guide to the Care of the Medical Patient Ferri, Fred F
149 Practical Ststistics for Medical Research Altman, Douglas.G
150 Preventing Chronic Diseases : a Vital Investment WHO
151 Principles of Pulmonary Medicine Weinberger,Steven E. 6th
152 Problems Orientes Medical Diagnosis Friedman, Harold
153 Procedures Techniques and Minimally Invasive Monitoring Intensive… Irwin
154 Rapid ACLS Aehlert, Barbara
155 Recent Advances in Gastroenterology Probert,Chris.
156 Recent Advances in Immunization Jon Kim Andrus
157 Regional Rhematologic Disorders Gall
158 Research Methodology Kumar,Ranjit 3rd
159 Resolving Ethical Dilemmas Lo, Bernard. 5th
160 Rheumatology Hochberg, Marc C. 5th
161 Rheumatology Subspeciality Consult Kahl, Leslie. 2nd
162 Rosen’s Emergency Medicine 2 Vol Set Marx, John A. 8th
163 Saunder Pocket Essential of Clinical Medicine Ballimger
164 Speciality Board Review International Medicine Robert E Perioni
165 Statistics in Medicine Riffenburgh
166 Stockley`s Drug Interactions:Pocket Companion 2 Karen
167 Surgery Oncology Bartlett, David L 1st
168 Textbook of Critical Care Vincent,Jean-Louis. 6th
169 The 10 – Minute Clinical Assessment Schroeder, Knut
170 The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Oncology Abraham,Jame. 4th
171 The Endocrine System : Basic Science and Clinical Conditions Hinson, Joy 6th
172 The John’s Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review 2010-2011 Miller, Redonda G.
173 The MD Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook Feig,Barry W. 5th
174 The Royal Marsden Hospital H/B of Cancer Chemotherapy Brighton, David
175 The Washington Manual Endocrinology Subspecialty Consult Henderson, Katherine E. 3rd
176 The Washington Manual of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Subspecialty Consult Joo,Shirley 2nd
177 The Washington Manual of Critical Care Kollef,Marin H. 2nd
178 The Washington Manual of Endocrinology Subspecialty Consult Baranski,Thomas J. 3rd
179 The Washington Manual of Gastroenterology Subspecialty Consult (Washington Manual: Subspecialty Consult) Gyawali,C.Prakash 3rd
180 The Washington Manual of Infectious Disease Subspecialty Consult Kirmani,Nigar 2nd
181 The Washington Manual of Oncology Govindan, Ramaswamy. 2nd
182 The Washington Manual of Rheumatology Subspecialty Consult (Washington Manual: Subspecialty Consult) Kahl,Leslie 2nd
183 The Washington ManualGastroenterology Subspecialty Consult Henderson, Katherine E. 3rd
184 Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine Nussbaum, Robert L. 8th
185 Tidy’s Physiotherapy Thomson
186 Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests WU, Alan H.B. 4th
187 Traumatic Transtentorial Herniation and it’s Management Andrews, Brain T
188 Understanding Medical Education Swanwick,Tim
189 VIVA in Medicine Ahmad, Shabir
190 Wallach’s Interprettation of Diagnostic Tests Williamson, Mary A.S 10th
191 WHO Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues Swerdlow, Steven H. 4th
192 WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System Louis,David N. 4th
193 William’s Textbook of Endocrinology Kronenbreg, Henry M 15th
194 Year Book of Critical Care Medicine Dellinger, R. Phillip
195 Year book of emergency medicine 2013 Hamilton,Richard J.
196 Year Book of Endocrinology 2013 Schott,Matthias
197 Year Book of Gastroenterology Talley
198 Year Book of Pulmonary Disease Barker, James A.