Sr. No. Title of Book Author Edition
1  Dictionary of Biochemistry Sharma, J.L 1st
2 An Introduction to Practical Biochemistry David T. Plummer 3rd
3 Basic Microbiology Abdul Mubin 1st
4 Biochemistry Donald Voet 3rd
5 Biochemistry Berg, Jeremy M 5th
6 Biochemistry Christopher 3rd
7 Biochemistry N.P.Singh 1st
8 Biochemistry Donald Voet 3rd
9 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Elliott, William H 2nd
10 Biochemistry Illustrated Peter N. Campbell 5th
11 Biology Kimball 5th
12 Biology in Context: The Spectrum of Life Eileen Kelledy 1st
13 Biomaterial Science: An Introduction to Material in Medicine Ratner, Buddy D 2nd
14 Board Review Series : Biochemistry  Marks, Dawn B 3rd
15 Board Review Series Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Genetics Lieberman,Michael A.S 6th
16 Board Review Series Genetics Dudek, Ronald W.S
17 Case File Biochemistry Toy
18 Cell and Molecular Biology Karp, Gerald 4th
19 Cell Biology and Genetics Evans, Joanne 3rd
20 Clinical Biochemistry & Metabolic Medicine Crook,Martin A. 8th
21 Clinical Chemistry Abdus Salam 3rd
22 Clinical Chemistry Marshall, William J 5th
23 Clinical Chemistry Kaplan, Lawrence
24 Clinical Chemistry Marshall,William J. 7th
25 Clinical Chemistry  Abdus Salam Khan 3rd
26 Clinical Chemistry and Metabolic Medicine  Crook, Martin A 7th
27 Clinical Chemistry in Diagnosis and Treatment John E Zilva
28 Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Methods and Interpretation  Abdus Salam 3rd
29 Color Atlas of Biochemistry Koolman, J
30 Elements of Biochemistry Sailesh Kumar 5th
31 Elsevier’s Integrated Review Genetics Adkison, Linda R. 2nd
32 Enzymes the Fountain of Life  A Lopez
33 Enzymes the Fountain of Life Lopez DA 1st
34 Essential Developmental Biology Slack, J.M.W. 2nd
35 Essential Developmental Biology Slack 2nd
36 Essential of Medical Biochemistry Volume-I Ahmed, Mushtaq 7th
37 Essentials of Medical Biochemistry Volume- II Mushtaq Ahmed 7th
38 Fundamentals of Biochemistry Voet, Donald 2nd
39 General ,Organic and Biochemistry Katherine J 5th
40 Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry Murray , Robert K. 29th
41 Hashmi’s Complete T/B of Medical Biochemistry Vol – 1 Hashmi, M.A 5th
42 Human Biology Lilye, OSU 7th
43 Illustrated Medical Biochemistry Raju, SM 1st
44 Integrative Medical Biochemistry King,Michael W.
45 Integrative Plant Biochemistry J.T. Romeo 1st
46 Jaypee’s Review of Medical Biochemistry  Raju, SM 1st
47 Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic and Biochemistry  Bettelheim 5th
48 Lecture Notes : Clinical Biochemistry Beckett, Geoffrey 7th
49 Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry  Nelson,David L. 6th
50 Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry Harvey, Richard A. 5th
51 Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry Ferrier, Denise R 6th
52 Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Cell and Molecular Biology Harvey,Richard A.
53 Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry Harvey, Richard A. 3rd
54 Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry Pamela C. Champe 3rd
55 Marks Basic Medical Biochemistry Lieberman,Michael. 4th
56 Master Medicine Medical Biochemistry Brownie, Alexamder C 2nd
57 MCQs in Biochemistry Gupta, RC 2nd
58 Medical Biochemistry At a Glance Salway,  J.G. 2nd
59 Medical Biochemistry: Human Metabolisum in Health and Disease Rosenthal, Miriam D
60 Medical Biochemistry: Pearls of Wisdom  Eichler, Duane C 1st
61 Medical Genetics Jorde, Lynn B. 4th
62 Metal Ions in Biochemistry P.K. Bhattacharya 1st
63 Modern Experimental Biochemistry Boyer, Rodney 3rd
64 Molecular Biochemistry Norman, Este 1st
65 Molecular Cell Biology Lodish,Harvey 7th
66 Nutritional Biochemistry Tom Brody 2nd
67 Outlines of Biochemistry Eric E. Conn 5th
68 Practical Biochemistry Wilson, Keith 5th
69 Practicals and Viva in Medical Biochemistry Dandekar
70 Pre Test Biochemistry and Genetics Ingram, Cheryl 2nd
71 PreTest : Biochemistry and Genetics Cheryl Ingram 2nd
72 Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Wilson, Keith
73 Principles of Biochemistry Singh, S.P 1st
74 Principles of Biochemistry  Horton,H.Robert 2nd
75 Principles of Biochemistry Abraham White 6th
76 Public Health Response to Biologycal WHO 2nd
77 Schaum’s Outlines George Odian 1st
78 Schaum’s Outlines Biochemistry Kuchel, Philip W. 2nd
79 Schaum’s Outlines of Theory and Problems… William D 1st
80 Text Book of Biochemistry DM Vasudevan 4th
81 Text Book of Biochemistry S.P.Singh 4th
82 Text Book of Biochemistry J. Stenesh 1st
83 Text Book of Biochemistry and Human Biology Talwar 3rd
84 Text Book of Medical Biochemistry Chatterjea, MN 6th
85 Text Book of Medical Biochemistry MA Hashmi 3rd
86 Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations Devlin, Thmoas M 7th
87 Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Burtis,Carl A. 5th
88 Varley’s Practical Clinical Biochemistry Hgowenlock, Alan 6th
89 Vitamin and Mineral Requirments in Human Nutration WHO 2nd